That Elusive Fabric

How to Waste a Morning

Every morning, as I open ‘You’ve got Mail’, I set a limit of 30 minutes; two hours later…yep, how many of you find yourself here?

Today’s quest was for That Elusive Fabric on the Pinterest email; you know the one that says, “We found some new pins…” and I was suckered in.

Staring me in the face was the most exciting, fantabulous, gorgeous fabric.  Actually it was a bag.  It’s a Japanese fabric from the 2016 Collection enchino by KOKKA fabrics, a Japanese designer/manufacturer.

Every Fabric Design Should Have a Story

The colors, the design, the story…all drew me in.

“This design was drawn as a main image for the 2016 fabric collection. Like a migrant bird ‘wandervogel’, it was created as if we were following a light and refreshing wind. Bold composition and graphical motifs, combined with a large pattern presents echino’s charm through a distinct color palette. A subtle silver “migrant bird” is featured as an accent. What makes this fabric most fun is to show the pattern to its maximum width.” by Etsuko Furuya, echino Designer




KOKKA has a lovely website–needs translation–and an online shopping site.               YIPPEE SKIPPEE!!!  Alas 😢, don’t ship international.

However, Japanese fabrics are very popular with fabric stores–primarily, quilting fabric stores who carry the softer, quiltable fabrics, like the double gauze.   And found that my fave fabric store, Treadle Yard Goods, carries KOKKA.   Hope there are a few canvas weight in their collection.  And, I can always put in my request for next time Treadle goes to fabric mart.

In the meantime, I’m relegated to drooling over photos.

May your search for The Elusive Fabric be successful

If you find this fabric, please share.😎


More Resources for Japanese Fabrics

Are  you as intrigued by this design as I am?

website with tutorials for bags and clothing; downloadable ‘recipe’           

Facebook site with links to projects.                                         

Etsy has a good selection.                                                                      

Search eBay and Amazon too.



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