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Hi  reader

This is the very first newsletter since I've researched and installed a newsletter plugin for my blog.  The research revealed that the email notices about new posts was not going through either.  So if you haven't heard about new posts, it's not because I haven't been writing, but due to software setup issues. 

That's a DOS screen in the photo.


I'm used to doing things myself--this includes setting up the blogging platform.  After all, I taught myself DOS back in the '80's when working at Singer Sewing Reference Library.  There was no such thing as 'Training'.

Have been teaching myself Wordpress, a popular blogging platform, since I started blogging, and then upgraded to my own domain name ( which means using a Host Server.  A Host Server is the space where the website resides. 

The Host Server controls emails sent from the blog, And there are all sorts of government controls on email Spam.

keep reading...eye candy coming

The bottom line: 

Have spent many hours trying to figure out why the mail plugin/program wasn't playing nice with the Host Server.  Turned out there were some changes that needed to be made to the Cpanel at the Host. 

Remember I said I am a DIYer?  Well, coulda fixed it but...purchased my Host Server thru a third-party web developer so don't have password access.  Hey, the web developer is local, easy access, blah, blah.  

Turns out I've been teaching him.  Am giving specific instructions including snippets of code, all of which is easily available on the Internet.  Hey, if I can find it, can't the web developer???

Thanx for listening to my sad story--believe email issue is fixed.  This will be a test to see how many of you actually receive this--and Open it!



Laser-cut polyester/nylon taffeta.

What ever shall I sew with it?????

Suggestions appreciated.

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