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Know you'll have time to whip out this Rectangle Vest for a last minute 'Oops' gift.  It will take you more time to rummage through your stash for a half-yard of fabric than it will to make the vest--half hour tops!

Rectangle Vest

Make a Rectangle Vest

Make a Vest from a Half-Yard of Fabric A Rectangle Vest    Somewhere--probably Pinterest--I once saw a knitted wrap that was essentially a rectangle that could be worn multiple ways.  Nice...but same old, same old.   It's a Shawl; It's a Wrap; It's a Vest. What caught my attention is the unexpected way the rectangle is manipulated to form a …

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There's still time to make this as a Christmas gift.  Only takes a half-yard of 55"+ wide fabric.  Bet your stash will yield a suitable fabric.  And, we never have enough--too many--wraps, shawls, scarves.

Instructions are on the post here.



And, there is still time to make a festive, luxurious skirt for New Years.  This is a crinkled velvet gathered into an elastic waist with a serged hem.  Stretching the fabric while serging will produce a lettuce-edge.  Metallic threads will add a subtle gleam.

Looks great with sandals come Spring/Summer.

Crinkled Velvet

Isn't this a terrific festive color? 

And, because it's already crinkled, just roll, twist and store in a drawer.




This is a navy velour skirt that has been lurking in my closet for years.

It's going to Christmas Day Dinner with the family, paired with a J. Crew cashmere sweater.




Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to You and Yours

from Fiber Fashion Fun.