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Kenneth King is bringing Cool Tricks and Trouser Draft to Minnesota

He's Back!  And it's about time.  Kenneth hasn't been here since the mid '90s.  

Let's get together in September!




Am delighted to announce that The Textile Center MN, Fiber Fashion Fun, and Treadle Yard Goods are sponsoring three days in September with Kenneth King. 




Hand's-on classes are wonderful fun--one-on-one help, meeting others, travel, food.  But they take time--at least a day--(no classes in your jammies at 2:00 in the morning).  Then there's the cost--class, travel, food, hotel, sightseeing, time away from work and family, etc.

I say, Take a Sewing Class; it's so much more than you ever expected.

Claire Shaeffer

Is a Hands-on Sewing Class Worth It?

Take a Sewing Class!!!

It is so much more than you ever expected.

Even Sewing Teachers take classes.  At my recent class, looked in an adjoining classroom and spied a familiar red head that turned out to be Sandra Betzina, buried in pattern puzzles and having the time of her life.  

As she puts it so succinctly, "You never know enough."

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