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The House is Sold!

It's been a crazy three months, no sewing but lots of sorting, tossing, remembering, packing.  The house has sold and on to bigger, better, and definitely different lifestyle.

Moving is always bittersweet; part of you wants and needs to move, the other part is longing to stay.  Have been having many chats with Self about why this is for the best.

After three months, the packing is about done.  Two more days and I'll be in different city, different home.  Will begin the search for Doctor, Dentist, grocery store, nail salon, hair salon.  Finding a hair stylist is absolutely worse than finding a Doctor.

Am embracing the change with garden and sewing room plans.  Then there is new flooring.  The installer comes day after  move.  That means all kitchen, dining room and living room furniture/boxes will be shoehorned into the bedrooms--or garage.  I must be crazy, but couldn't get in early for decorating.  It's one of those chain reaction closing transactions and I'm the beginning.  I need to close so I have money to close on new house so those owners have money to close on their new home, so...Who knows how many are in this chain.

San Francisco Grands come in August so will be saving some boxes for them to unpack.  You really think I'd have it all unpacked in a month?  Anyway, will be a fun (I hope) activity and opportunity to share family history about items they find.  It will be just like Christmas.

Am committed now, so onward.

Got a house sale, moving story to tell?  Would like to hear about it.




SELLING THE HOME SOLD!!!        And it is Bittersweet. Although have wanted to move for many years, something always happened--the housing implosion, and then a foreclosure in the neighborhood that after 5 years is still affecting prices.  But this was the year that there were actually Buyers and an offer--an acceptable offer. Moved to The Lake fifteen years ago as always …

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