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MeMade for Fall 2017

I follow many blogs--too many, actually.  But today, these two popped up in my inbox and they are definitely worth sharing for their creativity, inspiration and exciting work.

Ruth, at Core Couture, is from Ireland and her recent blog is hacking the Oska RTW look.  Oska is a German fashion group with stores worldwide, but mainly in Germany (headquarters), and Europe, and a few US and Canada shops.  Their look is Asian-inspired and multi-layered.

Click Here for a link to Core Couture's 'O Inspired Fall Collection'.


Wendy, West Zen Studio, is from Colorado with a Master of Fine Art and a Yale University Master of Architecture.

Here she details garments designed and made for a benefit.  Each artist received Kantha quilts that are hand-stitched by women who were saved from sexual slavery in India.

You will be amazed at the versatile, wearable designs. 

Kantha quilts are made of recycled materials and are soft and pliable, making the garments comfortable to wear as the fabric drapes rather than standing around the body like a box.

Click Here to see all the amazing garments.


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