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Claire B Shaeffer– The Queen of Chanel Couture

Claire Shaeffer, Queen of Couture Meet Claire Shaeffer, the Queen of Couture, especially Chanel.  Claire turned to couture sewing after abandoning her first love, The Circus.  Like many of us, sewing was/is a way for Claire to wear couture fashion … Continue reading

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What a Hoot

Are you seeing OWLS?  Everywhere?  Thanks to social media, owls are as ubiquitous as were Pet Rocks back in 1975. I first became aware of the owl popularity on Pinterest when a family member created a Collect.Owls board.  FYI:  we … Continue reading

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Lining a Crocheted/Knitted Handbag

This crocheted bag ended up in my sewing room with a request for a lining–something ‘pretty’ with a bit of weight. My first reaction was a taffeta; it would probably be crisp enough but not too heavy. Couldn’t find any … Continue reading

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A weaved journey

Travels in the Wardrobe is a blog I came across by clicking links from one place to another and it turned out to be a serendipitous event when I arrived at a visit to the goblins workshops and museum in … Continue reading

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