Hacked Chanel-Style Designer Purse

Swatches Become a Hacked Chanel-Style Designer Purse

It started out as an order of fabric swatches from Linton Tweeds; Linton has been associated with the House of Chanel since the 1920s.  Why I needed samples when the real deal has been in my fabric stash since a 1997 trip to Carlisle, England????  Looooong story.

Then a Fiftieth Birthday required an extraordinary gift.  I retreated to the sewing room for inspiration where the swatch pak  still resided on the cutting table just begging to be turned into a Chanel-Style Designer Purse.

Hacking a Designer Purse

Chanel-Style Purse

Ready for Gifting

After much folding and pinching and pleating, plus retreats to google, the result is above.

The Journey

The Craft Pak (may have ordered two)  included 4-11″x17″ and 20-5″x7″. swatches.  The large ones had possibilities but could-not-be-cut–just can’t waste even a thread!

Hack a Designer Purse

Craft Pak

Hacked Designer Purse

Both lining and tweed are fused to a iron-on tricot.

These fabrics are loosely woven so all of the large swatches are fused with iron-on tricot then backed with a scant 1/8″ thick fusible batting to provide a soft shape.

After determining the depth of the purse pocket, folded right sides together and stitched the side seams.  Then formed a pleat on each side by tucking the seams into the pocket by about 1/2″.

Added pocket to the lining that has been embellished with embroidery cut out of  embroidered mesh fabric.

The Biggest Challenge

Sourcing purse findings, i.e., chain strap, was the most challenging of this project.  The chains are pricey buggers.  Suppose I could have sprung for a $100 chain (that was on the low-end of price range), after all, the fabric is authentic and it’s emulating a $5000 designer original.  Couldn’t quite loosen the purse strings on that one.  Ended up harvesting a chain from a vintage eBay bag.

Then there was the issue of attaching the chain.  In the end, removed lobster claws and attached T Bar.

Purse had to have grommets.  Couldn’t find anything other than the cheap, brass ones.  And then, there is the issue of attaching them.  Worst part is punching a hole thru several layers of fabric.


Need a better way to attach chain and have four more large Chanel Tweed fabric swatches to try out a better way–or maybe not.  In any case, two more relatives should be in shock and awe at my generosity  when their birthday’s come around.

Then there is still the issue of the Chanel Tweed yardage languishing in my stash since 1997.  Have lots of excuses; none valid.

AND, what do I do with the 20-5″x7″ swatches?  Ideas appreciated, please.

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