Discovered these two pieces of fabric during a midnight raid on the fabric stash.  Always good to have a stash to satisfy shopping urges 24/7!GV Victorian Man & Lady

So, here are the two pieces; each approximately 14″ square.  They are serigraphs on fabric for Bloomcraft designed by Gloria Vanderbilt during her collage phase in the late ’60’s and into the ’70’s.  I know this because ‘GV’ and ‘Bloomcraft’ are printed on the selvage.  The collage and serigraphs were discovered with great difficulty in bits and pieces from a tangled web (an appropriate tag) of websites.

And that is all I know and can find out.  Bloomcraft apparently no longer exists, at least under that name.  Gloria Vanderbilt is still living (b. 1924) but all Wikipedia has to say is that she designed textiles at one point in her career.

Goggle did produce a few pictures of her collages which are probably what inspired the textile designs.  Have found several “Southern Belle” fabrics on Etsy.  But nothing about the Victorian Couple in my fabric.

So, am throwing it out to the WWW (world wide web); any information will be greatly appreciated.  Am especially interested in what the original price was.

I look forward to your comments.

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