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Wardrobe Quandary?...Shop the Closet I recently enjoyed a birthday celebration trip to NYC and as it was just a long weekend trip, I didn't obsess about wardrobe--until the night before.  And then--I panicked! A note about my daily wardrobe:  I am retired and live on a Lake in Midwest USA.  Summer weather is hot and humid.  On any given day …

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off-grain fabric

Can This Fabric be Saved?

Can This Fabric be Saved?   I recently bought about eight different fabrics at one time and one piece is cut incorrectly, plus, the fabric is horribly off-grain.  As you can see, the horizontal design is curved when it should be straight. The edge closest to my blue toes (should I have cropped them out?  Nah!), is from the previous …

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Seam Gauge

33 Steps and One Secret to Sewing on a Button

Sew on a Button with a Thread Shank   33 Steps--That got your attention. Actually, it may be that many as have tried to include all the tips and tricks I've accumulated.  And want this to be the be-all, end-all button sewing tutorial. Sewing on a button isn't difficult but it seems to be the 'bugaboo' of all sewing tasks.  …

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