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Sewist, writer, editor, photo stylist, creative designer, with eclectic interests but usually involving  fashion and housing, especially MCM–Mid-Century Modern.

Grew up on a farm in the Midwest and  somehow  found copies of Vogue Magazine and spent probably several months allowance on one copy; thus became a fashion follower, and by default, a sewer.  Montgomery Ward obviously couldn’t supply the fashion I coveted, so sewing was the answer.



My Checkered Career Path


I have a BS in Home Economics Education and have taught in the public schools as well as at retail sewing stores.  Have been a sample sewer, sample supervisor and editor with the Singer Sewing Reference Library where I learned writing style and how-to photography.

                                                    A couple of the 20+ books.

                              Singer Sewing Reference LibrarySinger Sewing Reference LibrarySinger Sewing Reference Library


Stitches, Great Fiber Getaways

A Lot of Firsts

In the 1990’s, I organized tours and sewing classes with Stitches, Fiber Fashion Fun, the first fiber related travel business.  This coincided with the first ASG national conference (am a charter member) which was a perfect first tour for sewists.

Stitches and ASG provided introductions to many of the popular fashion sewist personalities.

Claire Shaeffer, the Queen of Couture

The two C’s
Claire & Carol.

Sandra Betzina and me

Sandra Betzina and me

KDK and me

KDK and me

Below is one of the few Stitches Getaways Internet items I could find in Archive.org.  This is from the last newsletter in 2000.

Stitches, Great Fiber Getaways



The FUN refers to my eclectic interests:

am also a MCM (mid-century modern) aficionado,
a Landlord,
an American Crafts fan,
Ikea Junky

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Are you looking for specific how-to’s, information on sewing, fiber, travel, MCM(mid-century modern), etc.?  Ask away and I’ll give it my best shot with acquired knowledge from my years of experience and my extensive library.

I look forward to hearing from you, so please complete contact form at bottom of page with any requests, comments, questions.