2016 Pantone Color(s). YUK or YEAH?


I have predictive powers!   The release of Pantone 2016 colors(s) proves it!  Just because I have foresight, doesn’t mean I have to like it. My reaction was an emphatic YUK!!!, as  I’m a neutral person with pops of bright, intense color.

Pantone 2016 Colors First time two colors have been chosen.

Pantone 2016 Colors
First time two colors have been chosen.

Then I glanced down at my sweater…yes, I’m wearing blue.  Granted it’s a brighter teal than Serenity, but definitely on the pastel side.  Next, I opened a drawer and pulled out a Pink (horrors) sweater.  OK, the pink is a greyed/sanded pink.

Blue/teal sweater Grey/sand/pink sweater

Blue/teal sweater
Grey/sand/pink sweater

So you see, I knew all along what the 2016 color palette would be.  The blue sweater is eons old but recently pulled it out from the bottom of the sweater pile.  The pink one is a Calvin Klein just purchased when early autumn collections came on sale prior to Christmas.

Come to think of it, also have some fairly new lite blue denim leggings .  Told you so; am prescient!

Here are color pairings–Yikes, I see some Neutrals.  Am a happy camper.

Color Pairings

Color Pairings

And, the colors migrate across all collections–Art, jewelry, furniture, interiors.


2016 Pantone colors in art, furnishing, jewels.

What do you think?  Will you be updating with Pink and Blue?

Post your photos on my FB page.

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4 Responses to 2016 Pantone Color(s). YUK or YEAH?

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  3. I think your two sweaters appear in line 3 as Blooming Dahlia and Arctic. I quite like the Pantone colours of the year as they are Cool-Lights that work well with my complexion. But I find them a little wishy washy and I don’t love them paired.

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