Couture Beading and Embroidery Workshop

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Couture Beading and EmbroideryBeginning Couture Beading and Embroidery Workshop

Dr. Theresa Alexander & Dr. Lalon Alexander

Are you looking expand your possibilities with garments? Start to learn about professional beading and embroidery! This is a beginning level course in professional style beading and embroidery for garments or textiles. Tambour embroidery (also known as crochet beading, hook embroidery, French beading or Luneville), is used extensively to embellish fashion, bridal, costume, interior, and art pieces. Professional embroidery and beading generally uses a mix of techniques and tools. However, it can be very difficult to learn from the limited number of books available on the topic. This class is intended to help learners jump the hurdle of acquainting oneself with the basics of tambour work, incorporating a little basic needle embroidery in the process. The result will be a beautiful beaded heart applique that can be applied to practically any item.


See registration information is the attached PDF.

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Disclaimer:  have no association with elephant embellishments or Theresa or Lalon Alexander; just want my sewing friends to know about their excellent work.


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