Get Stickered

Do you mark magazines by turning down a corner, put the irritating ad inserts to some use by marking a page?  But the ‘markers’ fall out and you just can’t find tagged corners–why is that I wonder?  Well, help is here from Lucky Magazine.  They insert a Stickers Page–different design every month.

Stickers from June Issue









This is the greatest idea since sliced bread, just peel and stick.

My latest Stickered magazine

At the first magazine review, pages I want to go back to are Stickered.  I also tear out the Sticker page and use on all magazines, catalogs, books, etc.  Thanks Lucky!

Now, when the mag stack needs editing, it’s a quick flip thru by Sticker and tear to save (I keep a file folder somewhere on the coffee table); or curl my lip at, “What was I thinking of!”  Off to Recycling!

Have even been known to drop on the Library’s freebie table.  FYI:  remove address label.

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