Heated Outdoor Furniture

Bench photo

Helios Lounge from Galanter & Jones

grey sofa shape

Brand new sofa design

You’d think heated outdoor furniture would be a slam dunk–readily available, lots of options?  Well, it is not–until Galanter & Jones.  Located and founded (2013) in San Francisco, Galanter and Jones is a design + fabrication studio that is changing the way we spend time outdoors.  Products, a brand new sofa style and a curvilinear lounge, are designed by Aaron Jones and made with help from talented, local tradespeople.

Met brother and sister, Aaron & Miranda at the Prefab Expo (now in its third year) at Modernism Week 2014 in Palm Springs, CA.

Miranda and Aaron at Prefab Expo, Palm Springs Ca.  Feb 2014

Miranda and Aaron at Prefab Expo, Palm Springs Ca. Feb 2014

I am so taken with the innovation and style of this convenient, appropriate, useful, suitable, practical, effective–well, you get the idea.

Think about it; if you live in the Northern tier of the US, the outdoor season is short, three months at most.  However, there are lots of days in the shoulder seasons–before Memorial Day and after Labor Day–that are comfortable outdoors if you are moving.  But sit still and it is too chilly.  If you had a heated seat, you could make more use of the outdoors.  And wouldn’t a heated seat be perfect for early morn or late evening.

Patio heaters are widely used but they don’t hold a candle to heated seating.

  • heats air
  • heated air rapidly disperses unless in enclosed area
  • heat source is far away from body
  • requires fuel

Heated Seats

  • heats body
  • retains heat
  • plug in to electrical outlet
  • waterproof
  • adjustable temp
  • available in 20 bench color and base combinations  + custom colors

You know you will be purchasing patio furniture so ramp it up a notch, available online at Potted, Los Angeles

Tell your neighbors and share shipping.  I am.

More Photos

Turn it On

Turn it On

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