Hello, tailor.: Chanel, Spring 2013

2.10.13 SNOWWhat better way to spend a cold, snowy day in Minnesota than perusing Spring Couture Fashion.  I don’t waste  time clicking thru ready-to-wear (RTW) as I can probably afford a piece or two.  But COUTURE is another story; it’s fascinating, enthralling, engaging,  mainly because it is so unattainable.

Have no idea where or how this fascination with fashion developed, but recall spending my entire teenage allowance on Vogue magazine back in the ’50’s.  Certainly wasn’t influenced by The Farm Journal or The Farmer which were the usual magazines; they even served women with recipes and house-dress patterns.

So here I am in 2013 clicking through slides from the recent Couture Fashion shows, rather than flipping  pages, and salivating over the most awesome collection of shoes EVER!   And, they come in several styles and more than one color combo.                       AND, the wide heel and wedge appear to be really stable as knee replacement just might rule out stilettos.

Start clicking to see for yourself and enjoy Hello Tailor’s commentary.

Chanel Shoes Spring 2013

Look Good, coming and going…

And then there is the hat…

And blue…





















Hello, tailor.: Chanel, Spring 2013: At least there’s no iceberg this time?


WAIT A MINUTE–these are from the RTW, not Couture, collection.                                   Maybe, just maybe–puleeze, puleeze–I can afford a pair!

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