Snowbird Sewing Projects

Snowbirds Head South for the Winter

Come January 1st, there is a steady stream of traffic from the Northern tier of States and Canada as snowbirds head South.   Central and Eastern States make Florida their destination.   Those remaining behind only see a steady stream of tail-lights on 35W exiting the Upper Midwest.

It is a 2.5 day drive and very doable.  It worked so well, am back for a second year.


Why we are Snowbirds



Florida Panhandle

Last year I stayed on Cape San Blas; this year am on Mexico Beach–about 10 miles West of Port St Joe .



Sewing Projects That Made the Cut

Since I am gone two months, snowbird sewing projects are a must.  Can get a lot done as am not distracted by cleaning, cooking, the deplorable condition of the sewing room, etc.

I choose to drive so I can take my sewing machine, serger, and sewing supplies along.  It is a challenge to choose which sewing projects will make the cut.

The rest of my sewing room is distraught–especially as the house temperature is set at 53°.  They are so lonely  ?.


This made the cut.

All fit into the tote–except for the cutting mat, knitting and the small supply tote.


The Cut

The election process was influenced by:

  • the tote size–had to fit in the car along with other totes
  • ease of sewing without a full complement of sewing tools/supplies
  • priority–what I need most

Mizono Shirt

This came to Florida last year.  Have made the this shirt before so knew it would be an easy project.  Unfortunately, discovered the collar and facing pattern pieces were missing.  But, it available pieces did get cut.

It returned home with the idea of copying those pieces from the finished shirt.  Well, that didn’t happen!  Serendipitously, the pieces turned up while looking through possible vacation projects.  This lucky project got to come to Florida again.

The fabric is a cotton flannel, more suitable for Fall than Spring, but now I’m ahead of my FW 2017 sewing; always a good thing.


Mizono Shirt  OOP




Donna Karan Skirt

Vogue 1466, OOP, is a Donna Karan design.  The jacket is partially constructed and stayed home.  Will explain later in the post.

The pattern is a pull-on skirt, fitted through waist and hip with self-lined yoke; front extends to back–no side seams, raw-edge hem.

This will be a quick and easy project to wear whenever.

The fabric is a double-faced poly–black reversing to coffee-with-cream.


San Francisco Coat

The last project is the most complicated but brought it as know I will have time to ruminate and play with the fabric collage combinations that will make up one side of this reversible San Francisco coat.

Heaven knows I don’t need another coat!  BUT, was in San Francisco last June and…”the coldest winter I ever spent was a summer day in San Francisco.”  It was in the 50’s°, foggy and drizzly.  Decided right then and there, I needed a San Francisco Coat.

One side of this reversible coat will be a collage of fabrics inspired by a RTW that caught my eye.  The reverse side is a water-resistant black, smooth fabric.


Collage Fabrics for Vogue 8934




Sewing Room in a Vacation Rental

Setting up a sewing area takes some jockeying.  Last year there was a patio table I moved inside to an unused bedroom.


Folding Table–not the sturdiest–but anything in a pinch!

This year the only option is the dining table; OK until guests come, then have to move everything.  Off to Goodwill to see if I can find a foldable table.  Last resort is Wal-Mart.  Will take table home (if it fits in car) or donate to Goodwill on the way out-of-town.

The other issue is a cutting table.  The best of all possible worlds would be to cut out garments at home on the 60″ cutting mat.  Unfortunately, that doesn’t seem to happen.


18″ X 24″ cutting mat most convenient for travel. Will lay flat in car trunk and can fit several small pattern pieces/one main body pattern piece.

Last year, purchased a 18″ X 24″ cutting mat that is large enough for one main body pattern piece or several small pieces.  The dining tables are large enough for most hunks of fabric; just slide the cutting mat from pattern piece to piece.

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