What a Hoot

Are you seeing OWLS?  Everywhere?  Thanks to social media, owls are as ubiquitous as were Pet Rocks back in 1975.

I first became aware of the owl popularity on Pinterest when a family member created a Collect.Owls board.  FYI:  we are related.  So, now, I too am ‘seeing owls’, and not just as Pins.  A shopping trip for a birthday gift for said relative revealed a plethora of owl-related merchandise.  Which brings me to a Fall 2013 Vogue pattern release, V8942, a kooky, trendy backpack.  Certainly not my thing but a fun item to make as a gift, which I did.

Vogue 8942

Vogue 8942

Apparently, not everyone agrees this is an appropriate pattern, especially for Vogue.  The exact quote is:  “Oh god, I just noticed that there is a nest with eggs in the background of the owl picture. I’M DYING.”  Hey, at least samples are made in subdued fabrics.  I expect a lot of ‘someones’ are out there gleefully stitching this up in pink and purple.  No accounting for taste!

That being said, this is a pricey pattern ($27.50 US) and requires many notions and bits of fabric.  The zippers alone can run up to $10-15 (3) depending on style.  Wouldn’t recommend going for plain black teeth zips as the zips are what give pizazz.    See pattern review for more information.

Here are the results; a challenging, fun project and worth the look on the giftees face when this turned up under the tree.

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6 Responses to What a Hoot

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  3. LLADYBIRD says:

    Ok, you know I totally hated this pattern when it came out because it seemed so WTF (and I still stand by the WTF, at least, in association with Vogue ;)), but your little owl is seriously adorable and fluffy!! I bet the recipient was thrilled with it 🙂

    However, I’m glad you left off the egg-filled nest for your version 😉 ha!

  4. cbn says:

    Thanx for stopping by.
    Feel free to Pin.

  5. Pam C. says:

    That is the coolest thing ever!

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