Finished UFO

Am feeling so pleased that a sweater started in January (2015) is completed!!!!

Have to admit there are several–well, maybe a few, alright a lot of UFOs in my knitting stash dating back before some of you were born.  I am serious!  I am, after all, older than dirt!

This crocheted sweater got started in January with many set backs.  It’s a self-striping cotton, rayon and silk tweedy yarn.

Plymouth Yarn Kudo

Plymouth Yarn Kudo

Began with a top-down crochet pattern but the step-up join was less than attractive.

In-the-round join

In-the-round join

Switched patterns to a front, back, sleeve, bottom-up crochet.

This worked much better and starting with the sleeves, was able to start at same colorway so both sleeves match; this was a fluke as wasn’t able to get it right for the front and back.  Believe me I tried; undid, crocheted, undid, crocheted, ad infinitum, until I just said, “the heck with it.  It is what it is.”

Sleeve, a good place to start.  If you need to tear it apart, it's a small redo.

Sleeve, a good place to start. If you need to tear it apart, it’s a small redo.

When it came to the neckline, rather than tying off at each side, I carried the yarn across and cut, knotted and added beads after joining shoulder seams.  This was mainly to continue the striping on both sides.  Now that it’s done, the small amount of yarn to stop, knot, cut, is probably similar to carrying across; time spent too.  But do like the beaded yarns at neck.

Yarn carried across at neckline

Yarn carried across at neckline

Neck ended up too large so threaded a suede string through and cinched it up.



Also, added clear elastic at shoulders, both to tighten neck and grip shoulder to keep from sliding off.

Clear elastic zigzag stitched to about 1.5" on each side of shoulder seam

Clear elastic zigzag stitched to about 1.5″ on each side of shoulder seam



See, the side seam mismatch is not that bad.  It’s a Design Element.  The white tank top will be ditched.  Really see this as a swimsuit coverup anyway.


The Pants

The pants were made at least five years ago from a cotton/lycra purchased at Britex.  They were originally wide-legged (just when skinny legs were coming in) and this year I revamped them to a narrower leg–from 24″ to 16″–just when wide legs are coming in.  What can I say, always was ahead of the times/trends.

I buy thread when it is on sale and have lots of this variegated embroidery thread.  It was on the serger so amped up these pants to Custom–even if I am the only one who knows. Well, now you do.

Serged seam finish

Serged seam finish

Here’s a closeup of the seam finishes and slubbed fabric.

Close up of finished seam and slubbed fabric.

Isn’t it pretty?!


Are they Pants, Slacks, Trousers

A bit of trivia:  they are pants in US & Australia; pants (panties, knickers) in UK refer to underwear. Trousers are a dressier, tailored version and have a matching jacket; slacks are also dressier than pants but do not necessarily have a matching jacket.

And there you have it!

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  3. I love the variegated serging and the crocheted top is so nice. I have had exactly the same issue with multi coloured yarn. Very frustrating. And slacks – it is not a term used in the UK much. Is it still current in the US?

    • neucarol says:

      Thanx for the comments. Misery loves company–self-striping yarn!
      As to ‘slacks’, probably not used so much, but I prefer to use the term when referring to a dressier garment.
      My definitions: Pants–casual; Slacks–dressy, tailored; Trousers–tailored, man-style.

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