It was on SALE

by Carol Neumann

Yep, I got suckered in again by that favorite of all signs–SALE.                                                  A close second fave sign is CLEARANCE.

Cruising thru Joann’s Fabrics (the only local fabric store) and skidded to a stop at the CLEARANCE sign for trims and scooped up some items that ‘speak’ to me.  Went back the next day for the 50% off sale/off sale (that’s 50% off the sale price) and scored a couple of fabrics.

Am sharing the wealth by listing  on My Etsy shop.  Take a look and order now before I figure out a project of my own.  (Click on each photo to go directly to Etsy.)                            If nothing else, enjoy my SALE euphoria.

Jumbo Black Lurex Ric Rac

Black/White Glen Plaid Wool

100% white cotton with diagonal embellishments.

Only one yard of the wool; enuf for a pencil skirt or a wrap.

The Jumbo Ric Rac is the perfect trim–at the hem of a skirt, edging of wrap where it will provide some weight to hold wrap in place.

This just might be Nighties for the Grands.

Zipper teeth on tape to make Zipper jewelry.

Zipper teeth on tape to make Zipper jewelry.

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