Updated Chevron Striped Skirt

by Carol Neumann

It’s a striped fashion world–stripes continue to be in the forefront of 2013 fashion.

And, now a striped skirt is available for you to wear; it’s on my Etsy site.

I picked up this Jones New York Signature chevron striped skirt at the end of last season just knowing it would be perfect for a 2013 wardrobe.





When I saw this skirt, I had to have it as it is very well made; note how the stripes exactly match in the chevron design. If you sew, you know what a pain it is to match; one seam–maybe not so much, but eight seams (eight gores)…


And the inside facing is finished with red binding; no one sees it but the wearer and it just makes me smile!


This basic skirt needed some life so added a sheer polka dot hem ruffle embellished with polka dot ribbon on the outside and red, white, blue striped ribbon on the inside. When you sit, the wrong side of the hem always shows; now it is a pretty as the right side! The original belt has been replaced with polka dot grosgrain ribbon–to wear or not.

RTW Chevron Striped Skirt100_1109

Twin Needle used to sew ribbon

Twin Needle used to sew ribbon

wrong side of skirt

Ribbon glued over stitching from previous twin needle stitching; much neater look

Wear it to work and hide the flirty ruffle under the keyboard, then bring out your inner Girly at the coffee machine.

Coming next:  how-to’s on making these ruffles

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