Number One Tip to Save, Bookmark, Facebook and Web Pages

How-to Save/Bookmark Facebook and Web Pages

As I’ve said, have never met a FB page or a blog I didn’t like.  The Inbox is overflowing every morning, but, that is how I like it!

I’m retired now but even when working, the first thing I do in the morning is check email–don’t we all.

This is a quick skim; most can be deleted or starred for later.IMG_1376

FYI:  Most of my Internet reading is done on the iPad in the Safari browser; I don’t care for the Facebook app as I can’t do what is shown below.


But how do I keep up with it all ?????   “They Say” one shouldn’t spend more than 15 minutes a day on Social Media.  Yeah, well, that isn’t going to happen!  So, I try to be smart about how I go about it and weed out the garbage while I’m at it.

Also, I find myself reading fewer and fewer books as my reading is many shorter articles/pdfs from The Web.



  1. Select FB post and long click on it; I chose Open in New Tab




2.  The post I want to read is now open in a new tab; I’ll go back and read later.                   Meanwhile, I can go back to my Page list (neucarol) and continue skimming.IMG_1370


Save/Bookmark Web Pages

The examples below are from my email but works same if a web page.

  •   Note: I have two groups that Gmail automatically assigns–Primary & Social.  Gmail figures out which is which based on whether it is from FB, or another social media site–probably–and I haven’t had an issue.  Can also set up more if I want.  It’s a good way to start the sort/save process.and click on symbol.  IMG_1371


  • Click on the symbol in the lower right corner to save to Safari.  Note there are also multiple options to Follow the blog; always a good thing!



  • Next, in the upper right corner, open the symbol which now gives lots of save options.  My fave is the Save PDF to iBooks; it’s always there in iCloud; can always delete.  Also like Bookmark and Add to Reading List.IMG_1374


Hope this helps you save and bookmark on the web.  There’s nothing more frustrating than knowing you read it–somewhere–and saved it–somewhere–but Where!

What’s your favorite way to save and organize web stuff?



Thanx to Cloning for Couture for serving as an example–Beach Chic Wedding–a good read, fun fabric, sewing techniques, draping–something for everyone!

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