Snoop Shopping While Out & About

Snoop Shopping

Took a day off to head to the TC of Minneapolis/St. Paul, MN, to stock up on the fantastic storage items I always find at Ikea and do some Snoop Shopping at MOA, which is, conveniently, right across the street from Ikea.


A few of the items that came home from Ikea


MOA and Nordstroms

Only had two hours for lunch and shopping so went directly to 2nd floor Designers.  No sense messing around with anything under $500.  To be perfectly clear, am Snoop Shopping–not Buying!  Looking for inspiration for fashion and sewing techniques/finishes.


This struck me for the dress draping and the fabric.  The skirt is a metallic floral brocade pencil skirt; the blouse is a silk long-sleeved in a stylized floral print.  The juxtaposition of the prints is attracting me and will be looking for something similar.

Lanvin snoop shopping

Draped dress of doublecloth; silk blouse with pencil skirt

The draped dress is a doublecloth; the wrong side is a reverse of the right side–white with black dots.  The armhole edges are finished with narrow petersham ribbon–not the stiff poly stuff called grosgrain, but the soft, flexible petersham .  Here’s a link to Susan Khalje’s definitive article on Petersham from Threads magazine.


Drooling over this digital border print fabric in a simple long-sleeved dress.  The dress has a mock turtle neck with a zipper up the front.  The french seams from the shoulder curve to the side seam with a zipper pocket at the end of seam.  Couldn’t have done that without flexible zippers.

Akris snoop shopping

Akris doublecloth dress with digital animal border print. Those are ‘snowflakes’ on the rest of the dress.

This is also a doublecloth fabric, fiber unknown–was undercover taking this photo, so didn’t get to read all the labels.  You can see the inside of the fabric on the turned back cuff; it’s a finely woven grey fabric.  The two fabrics woven together are quite soft and supple.

Edges are finished as for Doublefaced fabric–split fabrics and turn edges into each other, slip stitch folded edges together.    Doublefaced and doublecloth are similar construction; have only seen doublefaced in wool, but then, could have missed something.  Doublecloth tends to be cotton and/or blends as the above two.  Will be looking for more doublecloth fabrics.


On my way out, walked by the Handbags and right in front was this bag from Akris.shoulder tote

When I got home, I dug out this bag I made sometime ago from Vogue 8760.

Vogue 8760

Vogue 8760

shoulder tote






shoulder tote

Tote with fabric front and vinyl trim and back

Shoulder tote

Tote with back panel to slip over suitcase handle













Guess what?  Shoe department is directly across from Handbags.  This pair struck me.







And these are ones I bought before my trip to NYC.  Wanted a slipon–TSA demands shoe removal–and stylish comfort.

platform sneakersYeah, they are White!

But–only pair left, in my size, slipons, extremely comfortable.

Brought them home and then figured out how to make them Black.



Vinyl spray dye

platform sneakers

Spray dyeing shoes.










Found this vinyl and fabric spray dye at an automotive supply store but also at Amazon. 

Taped the white platform soles and stuffed the insides with paper and sprayed away.

They are the perfect shoe for traveling and lots of walking.  Plus they are fashionable and look good with dresses, skirts, leggings, jeans…

Please note these have been worn all over the streets of NYC so the insides are not pristine and neither are the white soles–that’s Dirt!  Will scrub them up before I wear again.  Bet I’ll be resorting to white shoe polish.  Did you ever do that to your White Buck shoes?

Platform Sneakers

Ta Da



Hope this may have inspired you and don’t forget to do your own Snoop Shopping.  Never know what you’ll come across.

Happy weekend!

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